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About Pray for Indonesia

Pray for Indonesia is about creating a space for you to be updated with the latest God happenings in Indonesia. Through visuals, stories and prayer requests, we hope to share with you life in Indonesia as well as invite you to join with us in praying for the people of Indonesia.

We are eager for you and your friends to join us in bowing our hearts and bending our knees to come before our King to pray for Indonesia. We look forward with great anticipation for the day when all will know Christ as King. Until then, we joyfully enter into the messy yet beautiful space of building friendships, forging cross cultural relationships, establishing trust, and sharing the living grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Join us in meditating on the images, the smiles, and the words of Indonesian men, women and children. Stand with us in awe of the Lord’s wondrous creation across the many thousands of islands. Together we praise the Father for the work of His hands. Lastly, sit with us in the mighty arms of our God, beholding His face and interceding for each man, each woman, and each child to know the endless love of our Father. Welcome.

Indonesian house helper believes in Jesus

Read stories from Indonesia, how God is changing lives and leading Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists to follow Jesus! Learn how to pray for the new believers or for those who do not yet know Him.

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Learn more about the unreached people groups in Indonesia. See the lives of Indonesians in different parts of the country, and specific ways to be praying for them!

Ramadan 2023

Join the Ramadan 2023 Prayer Movement in Indonesia! We want to cover the country with 24/7 prayer for the entire month of Ramadan (April 2- May 2). Learn more about Ramadan and why Muslims celebrate this holiday and fast for an entire month. Sign up to pray for 15 minute prayer slots and invite others to join you!

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What is Culture Shock?

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3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers