" /> 3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers

3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers

3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers

seeking allah finding Jesus

1. Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi gives his own testimony of how he went from devout Muslim to a follower of Jesus. Through his college friend, David, Nabeel began to search truth and critically evaluate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. He then looked at Islam and the Qur’an with the same critical eye and discovered truths about Muhammad and the Qur’an that he never knew about. After asking God to reveal truth to Him through dreams, God gave him three dreams that clearly pointed to Jesus. He suffered persecution from his family through his decision to leave Islam and follow Jesus. Seeking Allah Finding Jesus is an incredible book that will strengthen your own faith and help you learn more about Islam so you can share with your Muslim friends.

women who risk

2. Women Who Risk – Secret Agents for Jesus in the Muslim World

Despite enormous risks to themselves and their families, former Muslim women are now influencing their husbands and their children and bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ. No matter where they live, these women are the God-ordained spiritual gatekeepers of their families. Even though the level of oppression that women face under Islam is unfathomable to many in non-Muslim nations, these brave women stop at nothing to share their faith.

The Doyles believe that women are a major reason why more Muslims than ever are coming to faith in Christ. Over the years they have discovered that once God sets a Muslim woman free, she becomes an unstoppable force for God. Women Who Risk takes readers into Muslim homes in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and other hot spots to see the power of Christ at work.

3 Book testimonies from Muslim

3. From Cairo to Christ – How One Muslim’s Faith Journey Shows the Way for Others

If I were to become a Christian, it would mean not only changing my religion but changing my whole identity and bringing shame upon my family. My whole family is Muslim, and my society and culture were Muslim. . . . Changing from Islam to Christianity would mess up my life forever.

So writes Abu Atallah, who grew up in Cairo as an ordinary Egyptian Muslim. He was deeply embedded in his family, religion, and country. For a time he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood. But as he came of age, he began to encounter people who followed a different way, who called themselves Christians. And a radically new life became possible at great cost and risk, yet with great joy. From Cairo to Christ is the remarkable story of how one Muslim man was drawn to the Christian faith, and how he later became an ambassador for Christ with a ministry in the Muslim world. Atallah has personally helped hundreds of Muslims come to Christ.