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freedom in Christ

Muslim Man Burdened with Guilt Finds Freedom in Christ

Ronnie is a guy from a small village in a regency that is known to have a very strong influence of Islam. He grew up as a Muslim though he was also practicing local indigenous belief. He was raised as a rice farmer. Ronnie really enjoys growing plants and other crops. Every weekend he likes…

God broke my heart

Letters from Laborers: How God Broke My Heart for Muslims

If you would have told me in high school that I would move to the other side of the world 5 years later and spend years of my life as a missionary, I would have thought you were crazy. I had no intention to leave the comforts of my life in America – especially my…

3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers

3 Book Testimonies from Muslim Background Believers

1. Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – Nabeel Qureshi Nabeel Qureshi gives his own testimony of how he went from devout Muslim to a follower of Jesus. Through his college friend, David, Nabeel began to search truth and critically evaluate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. He then looked at Islam and the Qur’an with the same…

Muslim Woman Becomes an Evangelist for Jesus

Muslim Woman Becomes an Evangelist for Jesus

Nina grew up in a Muslim family and spent most her life devoted to her religious duties as a Muslim. One day she made a friend who was a follower of Jesus. This Christian friend shared her faith with Nina and encouraged her to start reading the Bible. Nina began to read the Bible on…

Training a Pastor

Training a Pastor to Share the Gospel

One team in a large city in Indonesia, is focused on training Indonesians how to share the gospel. They set up trainings with churches and groups of believers and teach them how to start spiritual conversations that lead to the gospel with Muslims. Many Indonesian Christians do not know how to share their faith, especially…

Why reach the unreached

Letters from Laborers: Why Reach the Unreached?

When I was in Bible college, I worked as a barista at a local café. During a shift, I met a nice couple that invited me to their small group. One day we were discussing about the attributes of God and how He reveals himself to us so that we can know Him. I then…

Healing of God

Experiencing the Healing of God

Darrel’s father gave his life to Christ several years before his birth. As a Balinese Hindu the fallout from this decision proved to be heavy on him and his family. Continuing prayers and rituals for a family’s ancestors and gods is considered one of the highest duties of a Balinese person. Now that his father…

no more fear no more shame

No More Fear, No More Shame: 35 Year Old Woman Comes to Christ

Edna is a 35 year old Muslim woman, a mom of 2. She and her husband divorced a few years ago, and Edna has since remarried. Since she remarried, she felt great shame because her community (people in her village) were shaming her for failing her first marriage. Her kids live with her former husband…

leader seeks Jesus

Leader in the Community Seeks Jesus

Simon moved to Indonesia in 2019 to join a church planting team focused on reaching Indonesians in the city. He began to learn the language and culture right away and prayed for opportunities to meet people. Simon chose to walk from his dorm every day instead of riding his motorbike in order to meet Indonesians….

Bike Riding in Indonesia

Bike Riding and Sharing Jesus

Looking for Community Mandy has been a field worker in Indonesia for the past 5 years. Last year she decided to find a group of friends to spend time with and develop community with. The security guard in her neighborhood introduced her to his brother who is a professional biker. He connected her groups in…