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A 14 Year Old Boy Who Provides for his Family

14 year old boy

Our Indonesian sister, Yenny, tells a story of meeting a 14 year old boy named Aldi during the COVID19 pandemic.

Aldi is in 8th grade and he is one of 5 children. The past two weeks, I have seen him sell meatballs by the door of the Indomaret convenience store. At first he greeted me while offering what he was selling. But I wasn’t brave enough to buy snacks outside during the pandemic. A few days later in our second meeting, we talked for a bit to get to know each other. This night was our third meeting. We became “friends” after I was moved in my heart to buy meatballs from him for Rp 4,000/meatball (.28 cents/meatball).

I asked him a few things, and he told me about his school activities during the pandemic. He only uses his lesson book and he can’t always study online (I am sure this is an economic factor). He told me about his twin named Aldo, who also sells at another Indomaret. His dad also sells meatballs by going around the community neighborhoods on a bicycle close by where I live.

We started to become friends. Aldi is a nice kid not only wanting to sell meatballs, but also wanting to talk. He does not force people to try to buy from him. He just greets people, offers what he is selling, explains what time the meatballs were made, and warns people if the meatballs are too hot. Aldi politely nods if a person only asks the price then leaves without buying. That is all that he does. Not too persuasive in my opinion.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

As I came home from that Indomaret, God moved my heart to go back and bring a care package from the church to him. I talked with him again for a bit and asked what his parents did for a living before. He said his mom sold dolls online because she was sick with a brain tumor. His dad was fired from his business because he often did not work in order to take care of his wife at the hospital. This was before the social distancing guidelines were in effect.

My heart felt like it was in my throat. I wasn’t strong enough to look at him because tears started rolling down my face. I didn’t want this wonderful boy to feel weak in his heart because I pitied him. Aldi told me his story normally, not trying to make something up. He did not use his story about his family to try to get people to buy from him. He only shared because I asked.

Aldi said he would continue to sell even though school already started. The hours he would work would be less so that he could quickly go home.


“This is from the Lord Jesus”

One thing that surprised me was when I offered him the care package. He asked “Why so much? Have you already received one too?” I answered, “This is from the Lord Jesus for you and your family. There are more people in your house, so it is clear that you guys need more food than I do.”

This kid who sells with his family to live, still thinks about if another person has received help or not. He was not in a hurry to take something, but he waited until he was sure it was his. This kid’s character is amazing!

Aldi shared that he prays and worships at church because his religion is Catholicism. He asked, “What is your religion?” I said, “I believe in and am a follower of Jesus Christ. Religion cannot give salvation, only one person can bring salvation and that is Jesus Christ alone.” He also confessed that Jesus Christ is his Savior, not religion. He thanked me and I said, “Thank the Lord Jesus.”

Aldi is such a treasure to his parents. It is so rare to find a kid of noble character in this generation.

On the way home, I released the tightness in my heart while crying on my motorbike. Imagine a family of 7 who glorifies God and gives thanks to Him because of his goodness, mercy, and care in the midst of their hardship. It’s amazing how God works to move the hearts of many people who are already chosen by Him from the beginning.

Prayers for Indonesia

  • Please continue to pray for God’s provision for Aldi and his family.
  • Pray for continued boldness for Yenny to love others and share about Jesus with them.
  • Many Indonesians are still hurting financially from the pandemic. Many still do not have a job or are trying to build their business again. Pray for Indonesians to rely on the Lord through these hardships.