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no more fear no more shame

No More Fear, No More Shame: 35 Year Old Woman Comes to Christ

Edna is a 35 year old Muslim woman, a mom of 2. She and her husband divorced a few years ago, and Edna has since remarried. Since she remarried, she felt great shame because her community (people in her village) were shaming her for failing her first marriage. Her kids live with her former husband…

Woman leads Muslim coworker to faith

Woman Leads Muslim Coworker to Faith

Danielle is a Muslim woman who works at the same tourism school in Bali as Penny. Penny had led a Hindu coworker, Angie, to Christ the week before she met Danielle (click to read previous story). One day Penny decided to invite Danielle to a morning prayer gathering. During the prayer gathering, Danielle started to…

Woman Leads Hindu Coworker to Faith

Woman Leads Hindu Coworker to Faith

Penny is an Indonesian believer who recently moved to Bali for a new job. She works at a tourism school in Bali. Before Penny started this new job, she had been praying that God would help her see that her job is a platform given by Him to expand His Kingdom. She had also prayed…

14 year old boy

A 14 Year Old Boy Who Provides for his Family

Our Indonesian sister, Yenny, tells a story of meeting a 14 year old boy named Aldi during the COVID19 pandemic. Aldi is in 8th grade and he is one of 5 children. The past two weeks, I have seen him sell meatballs by the door of the Indomaret convenience store. At first he greeted me…

leader seeks Jesus

Leader in the Community Seeks Jesus

Simon moved to Indonesia in 2019 to join a church planting team focused on reaching Indonesians in the city. He began to learn the language and culture right away and prayed for opportunities to meet people. Simon chose to walk from his dorm every day instead of riding his motorbike in order to meet Indonesians….

Indonesian house helper believes in Jesus

15 year old house helper believes in Jesus

Arnie was 15 years old when she started working for Elisa. After a few weeks of working as Elisa’s house helper, Arnie started sharing stories about her family with Elisa. They quickly bonded and Arnie began calling Elisa “mom” (she felt like Elisa was a good motherly figure for her). That’s when Elisa felt responsible…

Bike Riding in Indonesia

Bike Riding and Sharing Jesus

Looking for Community Mandy has been a field worker in Indonesia for the past 5 years. Last year she decided to find a group of friends to spend time with and develop community with. The security guard in her neighborhood introduced her to his brother who is a professional biker. He connected her groups in…

Java Mountain

Hindu Woman Follows Jesus and Leads Dozens to Faith in Java Mountain

God is moving among the people of the Java mountain. These mountain people are a mix of Hindus and Muslims. The Muslims live at the bottom of the mountain and the Hindus live at the top. Very few people have shared the gospel with them and there has only been only a few known believers…

Indonesian man whose heart breaks for the lost

A Heart that Breaks for the Lost

Andri’s heart breaks for his fellow Indonesians who do not know Jesus. In his city of 3 million people, he longs for the Muslims to hear the gospel and believe. He prays that his church and others in the city would also have a heart that breaks for the lost. But Andri had a problem….

Indonesian women, I am the Way the Truth and the Life

A Dream Come True: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Jesus answered, “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 Hami works as a house helper. One day her employer, Elisa, who is a believer, shared the Good News with her.  Hami was doubtful at first, but a few days after she heard…