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7 Ways you can be involved in God's work

7 Ways You Can Be Involved in God’s Work – Part 2

Do you want to be used by God to change the world? There are so many ways to take part in what God is doing around the world. Prayer is the most crucial which is explained more in depth in this article. Here are 7 other ways you can be involved in God’s work. 1….

Challenges when sharing the gospel

Challenges when sharing the Gospel with Muslims from Indonesia

What is it like to share the gospel with an Indonesian Muslim? Are they receptive? Turns out there are many barriers for a Muslim to hear the gospel and believe in Jesus. These are common challenges when sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Indonesia. It is my Fate to be Muslim Many believe it is…

The 5 pillars of Islam

What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?

The religious practice of Islam (literally means submitted to God) is based off the tenants known as the 5 pillars of Islam. A Muslim is expected to adhere to each of the 5 pillars in order to please God. The pillars define the basic identity of Muslims – their faith, beliefs and practices – and…

5 Books About the Mission of God

5 Books About the Mission of God

These 5 books about the mission of God are must reads if you want to learn more about what God is doing around the world and how He is leading millions of people to Himself. These books will strengthen your faith and help you learn how you can be involved in the Great Commission –…

map of the world

10 Ways You Can Be Involved in God’s Work – Part 1

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to take part in the amazing work God is doing all over the world? You can start today by praying! Prayer is the most effective way to change the world. Here are 10 ways you can be involved in God’s work. 1….

why dreams and visions are important to Muslims

Why Dreams and Visions are Important to Muslims

In Islam, people don’t believe that God can communicate with them personally because the Holy Spirit isn’t living in them. They ask God for guidance through dreams. That is how Muslims expect to hear from God. In the Hadith, Mohammed said “The dreams of the faithful are prophetic.” There’s another hadith which says “dreams are…

Persecution in the world

Persecution in Indonesia

Indonesia ranks as the 28th most persecuted country in the world according to Open Doors. Persecution in Indonesia has worsened over the years. In 2018, Islamic extremists bombed 3 churches. Between 2020 and 2021 there were three attacks on Christians, killing six people.   Indonesia recognizes 6 official religions but Islam is the majority. Many…

Pray for persecuted Christians

5 Prayers for Persecuted Christians

God is moving in people’s hearts all over the world. With a movement of God comes great persecution. There are many persecuted Christians who suffer because of their faith in Jesus. In this past year there have been 360 million Christians living in places where they experience high levels of persecution or discrimination. 5,898 Christians…

The most isolated people groups in Indonesia

The Most Isolated People Groups in Indonesia (and how to pray for them)

Indonesia consists of 787 people groups ranging from a few hundred to millions of people. Some are close to large cities and popular tourist destinations. But others are more isolated and have little contact with outsiders. There are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia so there are many isolated groups! The following people groups are just…

largest UPGs in Indonesia

7 Prayers for the 7 Largest UPGs in Indonesia

The 7 largest UPGs in Indonesia are comprised of 132 million people. Half the population of Indonesia! Learn about each of these unreached people groups and join us in praying specific prayers for them. The top 6 largest UPGs in Indonesia are in the top 100 largest UPGs in the world. 1. Sunda Sunda is…