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From Buddhist to Follower of Jesus

Indonesian women was buddhist now a follower of Jesus

“I’m 47 and I’ve never done this before…I feel like I’m taking my first steps!”

Farah grew up in a Buddhist family but became a follower of Jesus as an adult. For years she has been faithfully following the Lord and is very involved in her church. She is a part of the worship team on Sunday mornings, leads a small group every Friday and attends most events and programs that the church puts on.

But God kept reminding her of “the calling” and she knew He had something greater planned for her life.

Two field workers began attending the church and they became close with Farah as they joined the Friday night small groups and worshiped with her on Sunday mornings. They shared how they intentionally go out each week to meet people and share the gospel with them, knowing that God is preparing people in the city to hear the gospel and believe.

They invited Farah to join them to learn how to share the gospel. She was eager to learn and joined them one evening to go to a local mall and try to meet people there. She admitted she was very nervous and that she had never done this before! But she knew this is what God was calling her to – live her life to glorify God, share the gospel with those who have never heard, and make disciples of all nations.

This was her first step and she was excited to see how God would grow her and use her to expand His kingdom in Indonesia!