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God Provides a Spiritually Seeking Roommate

spiritually seeking roommate

I have been in and or communicating with Indonesia for over 4 years. I knew when I moved there after COVID that I wanted to live with an Indonesian family or have an Indonesian roommate. The prayer was not answered before I left but soon after arriving in Southeast Asia.

One day I was at the market and I met a young man that was 24 years old that spoke English fluently. The English fluency was not my goal but it was God’s gift. We met several times for a meal to get to know each other.  One time while eating, we were discussing about where I lived and I told him I was looking for an local roommate to help me learn culture and language.

As God has answered my prayers historically and He always exceeds my expectations or my wildest dreams on what I was praying about. He did it again, and my new friend moved in. My roommate who is highly intelligent and had a humble servants heart began to humbly serve me in ways I had never experienced before.

We soon began to have spiritual conversations after he moved in. My spirit told me that he was open and seeking. He currently identifies as a Muslim. He liked the Christian faith but his stumbling block was the three gods that he thought we worshiped and that confused him.

I gave him an illustration about our own physical body to help him understand the Trinity. My head being the Godhead, and in my body being Christ and the Holy Spirit being my heart. The hands and the feet can do nothing without the head, giving the hands and feet instructions. My core being my heart is what is guided by my head (God). My prayer is that my head, my body and my core work in perfect unity. Because I am broken, this is an imperfect example and my heart is deceptive. However, the God head is perfect, Jesus (hands and feet) are perfect and the Holy Spirit is perfect. They are able to be the perfect triune God.

My roommate is still a Muslim however when I was leaving to come back to America he told me that when I shared the Gospel with him he knew that I cared about him.  That was powerful to me.  It encouraged me to always share the truth, and it is because I care and try to tell about Jesus to all I meet. My roommate is still open and is studying Hebrew and Greek so he can understand original scripture writing better. (I told you he was smart).  He also told me that if he found a flaw in the Quran that he would leave that faith.