A Heart that Breaks for the Lost


Andri’s heart breaks for his fellow Indonesians who do not know Jesus. In his city of 3 million people, he longs for the Muslims to hear the gospel and believe. He prays that his church and others in the city would also have a heart that breaks for the lost.

But Andri had a problem. He didn’t know where to begin to see his dream become a reality. He didn’t know how to share the gospel with a Muslim.

Andri leads a school that provides affordable education for kids from low-income families. Most of these kids are Muslim and for years Andri and the other teachers were intentional to make relationships with the families in order to shine Jesus’ light in that area of the city.

However, for 10 years they did not share the gospel once. Andri saw this as an issue and sought to change that.

Shortly after, a team in the city that trained Indonesian Christians how to share the gospel with Muslims connected with Andri. They started training him and the teachers on a weekly basis in the gospel tool that they use. Once a month they would visit the Muslim families from the school and begin spiritual conversations with them. This led to sharing the hope they have in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. 

At first, Andri and the teachers felt nervous and awkward. They had never shared about Jesus with a Muslim before and they were scared of how people would react. As they grew in their confidence and boldness to share with these families, they were surprised at the results. Not only were the families grateful for the conversations but some wanted to hear more! Two women said they believed and wanted to start following Jesus!

Andri and the teachers are continuing to share the gospel with Muslims in the city and now are training other Christians in how to share as well! Pray for continued boldness and perseverance to make Jesus known in Indonesia!

Join Andri in praying for the 3 million Muslims in the city to hear the good news. Pray more Indonesian Christians would have hearts that break for those without hope and that they would be equipped to share the gospel and make disciples.