Teach Me to Pray



A red carpet laid over the cement floors, crackers and tea set aside for the Lord’s Supper, and many busy bodies humming throughout the home. One by one, family members and neighbors found their way to the carpet getting settled in for worship.

Bu Endah began with a greeting, then together, we one by one, shared what we were thankful for and we praised the Father for what we got to see Him do over the past few weeks. As we moved into the day’s lesson, we read, re-read, and recited how the disciples asked Jesus, “Teach us to pray.”

As observations were shared and questions raised, the group savored the words of Jesus’ prayer to our Father in heaven. We prayed for the Kingdom to come, our daily bread, the giving and receiving of forgiveness, and our deliverance from evil. Ending our time in worship, we broke bread, sipped the tea, and received forgiveness for our sins in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now nourished by the Lord, the group began preparing the delicious home-cooked lunch to fill our rumbling tummies. As individuals rushed to fill their plates, Bu Siti sat still, leaned over, looking Bu Endah in the eyes, “Before today, I didn’t understand how to pray. Thank you for teaching me. I know now how to pray.” Having known the Father hears her every thought and even those words unspoken, Bu Siti now felt the confidence to speak with the always open, always available ear of our sweet Father. She continues to teach her young two daughters how to pray and talk with their Father.