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3 of the Largest Unreached People Groups in Indonesia

Indonesian women sewing clothes - UPGs in Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of 789 people groups and 235 are still unreached. These unreached people groups (UPGs) make up more than half of the population and range from a few hundred people to millions of people. There are still so many people in Indonesia who desperately need to hear the gospel! Here are 3 of the largest UPGs in Indonesia and specific ways to be praying for them.


Sunda is the largest UPG and the second largest people group with around 38 million people located in West Java. Only 0.05% are evangelicals with the majority being Muslim. The Sundanese are known for their kindness and believe that having the Sundanese character is the best path of life.

If you want to learn more about the Sundanese and how God is moving among them, you can read this encouraging book: Growing a Mustard Tree by Matt Kirkas. Prayercast also has an intriguing prayer video of the Sundanese.

Pray for:

  • The Sundanese to walk in the Light, confess their sins, and be cleansed from all unrighteousness by the blood of Jesus (1 John 1:7-9)
  • Boldness for the Sundanese believers and church planters to proclaim the gospel and disciple others
  • Perseverance and strength for Sundanese who are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus


There are 14 million Madurese making them the 4th largest UPG in Indonesia. Most of the Madurese people live on the island of Madura and in East Java. They are known to have harsh personalities. The Madurese have a popular saying that it is better to die than to be humiliated. They are one of the poorest people groups in Indonesia. Many work as farmers or fishermen.

There are very few churches among these devout Muslims. More laborers and church-planting teams are needed to reach this people group!

Pray for:

  • A local team serving in the furthest part of the island. Pray for their perseverance to share the gospel and that many would believe through them
  • God would soften their hearts and there would be greater receptivity to the gospel
  • Provision for the Madurese as they are among the poorest groups in Indonesia


The Betawi people live in the nation’s capital, Jakarta, and the surrounding areas. There are 5.7 million Betawi people making them the 7th largest of the UPGs in Indonesia.

Some of the Betawi people live urban lives in the capital while most of them work as rice farmers and fishermen. They are the original inhabitants of Jakarta. The influx of tourists and workers from other areas have made it difficult for the Betawi to preserve their cultural identity.

Watch this prayer video to learn more about Jakarta and how to pray for the people there.

Pray for:

  • The Betawi to worship before God, glorify His name, and know that He is God alone (Psalm 86:9-10)
  • God to send more laborers into the harvest field of the Betawi people
  • Every Betawi person to hear the good news and believe in Jesus as their King and Savior

Thank you for praying for these UPGs in Indonesia who desperately need the gospel! We are expectant of God to move in powerful ways among them and excited to see many Sundanese, Madurese, and Betawi people in heaven worshipping our King!