Bike Riding and Sharing Jesus



Looking for Community

Mandy has been a field worker in Indonesia for the past 5 years. Last year she decided to find a group of friends to spend time with and develop community with.

The security guard in her neighborhood introduced her to his brother who is a professional biker. He connected her groups in the city who go bike riding together.

Mandy saw this as an opportunity to get to know people and be active so she decided to try out one of the groups! She bought a bike that week and then joined them on their Saturday bike ride. She had a blast biking around the city and meeting the other bike riders in the group which consisted of about 20 people.

After that, she started meeting them 2-3 times a week for bike rides, hang outs, and celebrations. Every Saturday they go on a long bike ride and sometimes they bike for hours to nearby cities and mountains. Mandy quickly developed friendships with those in the group as she has spent many days and hours with them.

Intentionally Sharing

As they got to know each other, they naturally shared about their beliefs and faith. Usually in Indonesia it is natural to talk about spirituality because Islam is so ingrained in their culture. Mandy used these opportunities to share the hope she has in Jesus.

One guy, named Dedi, has talked with Mandy the most about spiritual topics. He is a devout Muslim and asks hard questions to Mandy about her faith in Jesus. She always responds in love and points him to scripture.

Join Mandy in praying for these 20 Indonesians who she has come to love and care for. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to the truth and for Mandy to have more opportunities to share the gospel with them as they continue to go bike riding! May we see these Indonesian bike riders in heaven worshipping our King!