Muslim Woman Becomes an Evangelist for Jesus


Nina grew up in a Muslim family and spent most her life devoted to her religious duties as a Muslim. One day she made a friend who was a follower of Jesus. This Christian friend shared her faith with Nina and encouraged her to start reading the Bible.

Nina began to read the Bible on her own and actually read most of it! She came back to her friend and said “Okay I read it and I believe it! What do I do now?”

Her friend discipled Nina for a season and taught her how to have a relationship with Jesus. She experienced a lot of persecution from her family when she told them her decision.

God’s Provision in Hong Kong

Nina then had an opportunity to move to Hong Kong to work as a house helper. (Many Indonesians work as house helpers in other countries to get a better paying salary).

God obviously provided for Nina in Hong Kong because she started to work for a Christian family. The husband was the pastor of a church in Hong Kong.

Nina continued to grow in her faith as she lived with and worked for this family. She began serving in the church and her love for Jesus deepened each day.

After years of living in Hong Kong, the church sent Nina back to Indonesia so she could go to seminary school there. When she finished, she could not return to Hong Kong because of Covid19. She got involved in a church in Indonesia and decided to stay and serve at that church. The church in Hong Kong blessed her decision.

Making Christ Known in Indonesia

Nina was offered a position at the church to be head of the Missions Department that is over multiple church plants. She has a huge burden for Muslims in Indonesia to know Christ.

In her new job, she joined a training for Indonesians to learn how to share the gospel with Muslims. After the training, she reached out to the team and asked if she could continue to learn from them and also go out sharing with them as they met Muslims.

She told them how God worked this out so perfectly and she invited her friend to learn as well. Nina then asked the team to come train her church and the church plants. She wanted more Christians to learn how to share their faith with Muslims.

Nina helped lead some trainings and put into practice what she was learning. She often went out to meet people and share the gospel with them. She also shared with many of her friends who were Muslim.

Although Nina’s family still won’t talk to her, she has remained steadfast in her faith and knows the surpassing worth of living life with Christ. She desires her fellow Indonesians to find a relationship with the Lord as she did. She spends her days sharing about Him and encouraging Christians to be bold in their faith. Continue to pray for Nina and the Indonesians that she has impacted through her ministry.