Training a Pastor to Share the Gospel


One team in a large city in Indonesia, is focused on training Indonesians how to share the gospel. They set up trainings with churches and groups of believers and teach them how to start spiritual conversations that lead to the gospel with Muslims.

Many Indonesian Christians do not know how to share their faith, especially with Muslims. They are very fearful of how people will respond. Some have a desire to share with Muslims but have no idea where to start. This team comes alongside believers and helps them take those first steps.

In May, the team did a 4 Fields training with a group of believers they had connections with. Then in August they did a follow up training for those who wanted to continue to learn.

Training a Pastor to Share the Gospel

One of the trainers invited his friend, Pak R, who is a pastor of a church in the city. At the beginning everybody in the training went around and shared why they joined the training. Most said they joined because they wanted to learn how to share with Muslims. Pak R just said he came because his friend invited him.

During the break time, the leader of the training had a conversation with him. Pak R expressed his concerns about sharing the gospel with random people. He did not think it was okay to meet Muslims and talk about Jesus with them in the first conversation.

When the training finished, they all went out to try to meet people and share with them. This helps the trainees put into practice what they just learned. Pak R raised his hand and said “We can’t do this, there’s no way you can meet someone and share with them in an hour.”

After his awkward comment, everybody went out and walked around in the surrounding neighborhood and park. Pak R and his wife got in their car and drove off. The team thought for sure they would not come back.

A Change of Heart

An hour passed when the trainees returned to share their experience of trying to meet people and share. To everyone’s surprise Pak R and his wife came back as well! And they said they shared the gospel with someone! 

The team was so encouraged to see Pak R try to meet someone even though he thought that strategy would not work. He even got to share the full gospel with a Muslim and saw how God was working in that conversation. The Spirit moved in his heart to share and he witnessed first hand that you can talk about Jesus with a Muslim you just met!

When the training was over Pak R wanted the team to come do the training at his church. He caught the vision and wanted others to learn how to take part in the Great Commission. At the training at his church, Pak R even helped to teach the trainees and shared his experience!

Praises and Prayers

  • Praise God for how He is moving in the heart’s of Indonesian Christians
  • Pray for the team to continue to train Indonesians to share their faith
  • Ask God to raise up more Indonesian laborers to proclaim the gospel in their country