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No More Fear, No More Shame: 35 Year Old Woman Comes to Christ

no more fear no more shame

Edna is a 35 year old Muslim woman, a mom of 2. She and her husband divorced a few years ago, and Edna has since remarried. Since she remarried, she felt great shame because her community (people in her village) were shaming her for failing her first marriage. Her kids live with her former husband while she lives with her new husband who is 15 years older than her. Edna felt shame every day. She felt embarrassed to be living in a Muslim community, alone with her Muslim husband without her kids. She felt like it was impossible to live a life with no more fear or no more shame.

Edna prayed that she would get a new job that would help her earn a living, since her husband works as a part-time handyman and does not earn much. And that was when Edna met Eliza. Eliza is a believer and had been praying that God would send her a house helper that was open to hearing the Gospel and would choose to believe in Jesus. God answered both their prayers, and Edna was hired to work for Eliza.

Hearing the Gospel for the first time

One day, Eliza and her daughter Sally shared the Gospel with Edna. She said she was interested in reading the Bible to know more about who Jesus is. Two days later, Edna decided to follow Christ! The next few days after Edna had accepted Jesus, Eliza and Sally devoted their time discipling Edna. They read about the Samaritan woman, and that really touched Edna’s heart. “I felt the shame that woman felt. I feel touched by Jesus and now I am not afraid,” Edna said. Edna also said that the more she reads Scripture, the more faith she has in Jesus. Eliza & Sally also taught Edna how to pray to Jesus, how to read scripture and discussed a few discipleship lessons that would help Edna stand firm on His Word.

Edna felt compelled to share what she had learned with her husband, Ladin. She had been praying for the right time to share with her husband. She was convinced that her husband would hear the Good News and choose to follow Christ like she did. Unfortunately, he was not interested and did not allow her to convert to Christianity. Edna came to work sad the next day but said that she still believes and follows Christ in her heart. She mentioned that she is still sure that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and Life.

Pray with us:

  • That Edna would stand firm and cling to Christ no matter what.
  • That Edna would have peace beyond understanding, peace that comes from Him.
  • For Edna’s husband, Ladin, that God would soften his heart and be open to Jesus. Pray that he would encounter Jesus.
  • For Eliza & Sally as they continue to disciple Eda.
  • That Edna would take the opportunity to share the Gospel with her family/friends!